Best Food Trip Places at Nuvali

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Best Food Trip Places at Nuvali

When you’re at Nuvali, you know there’s so much to do – so why not schedule a food trip while you’re at it?

Solenad is one of Nuvali’s finest, biggest, and most unique places to be. Why? Because it’s got all the food you could possibly die for! Next time you plan your trip to the South, be sure to visit one of these 5 awesome food places.

The Pig Pen Café  


The Pig Pen Banner

If you’ve ever heard about The Black Pig in Alabang, then The Pig Pen Café will be a heavenly surprise for you in Nuvali. This café is from the same creators, so you can definitely expect some beautiful meat-filled choices to complete your day – from breakfast to dinner to dessert, they’ve got it all!

Try their Muffaletta sandwich or the Prime Angus Striploin board when you’re there. Surely will not disappoint!

Nonna’s Pasta and Pizzeria 


Just like The Pig Pen and The Black Pig, Nonna’s Pasta and Pizzeria is a branched-out restaurant from one creator by the name Mama Lou’s. If you’ve ever been to Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen, you’ll definitely love her version of pizza and pasta place here at the heart of Solenad.

They’ve got the richest handmade pasta and pizza dough you will experience – so different when it’s kneaded with love from the specialty chefs’ very own hands. If you love thick, chewy crust on pizza, then you’ll love Nonna’s pizzas for sure!

House of Bawai

Feeling Vietnamese for your next Nuvali trip? Then House of Bawai should be on the top of your list!

This place gives you the great ambiance of a Vietnamese experience, all in one restaurant. You’ll find yourself refreshed by the elegant scenery and, of course, food choices.

It’s got a lot of healthy options for you to choose from, from their spring rolls and salads and noodle soups. But if you want to pack up on some protein, you should definitely try their baguette topped with glazed pork or some honey-and-soy-glazed fried chicken!

Bistro Charlemagne 


You’re going to love Bistro Charlemagne’s take on cuisine inspired by both European and Asian cultures.

If you’re feeling daring, head on over and order some of their amazing dishes that boast of unique flavors grounded in some familiar tastes to tickle your tastebuds!

Don’t worry, Bistro Charlemagne isn’t hard to miss. Watch out for a great classy-looking restaurant amidst a sea of brightly-colored, fun-looking food places. The place will definitely catch your eye just like its amazing food will!

The Morning After 


Perfect for the breakfast lover, The Morning After serves you some all-day breakfast to warm you to your very soul. It has meals inspired by breakfasts in Japan, Italy, and even Germany. They’ve got unique dishes, like breakfast pizzas or breakfast makis.

Sounds like your thing? Definitely head on over to this sweet treat of an all-breakfast haven!

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